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About CDA

Chow Down Atlanta is about eating good food, whether it is in Michelin-rated restaurants, or whole-in-the-wall or mom-and-pop joints where literally, everyone knows your name.  I grew up in Atlanta and my restaurant reviews are often peppered with bits of first-hand Atlanta history.  I add factual information that I have been personally a witness to — not from call backs or chef interviews.  You will not only read my honest opinion on a restaurant, you’ll also find it entertaining to read about Atlanta food trivia.

CDA is also about finding the best place for baguettes, or the freshest persimmons.  If you want to know where good food is in Atlanta then you’ve come to the right place. Bon Ape-tit!

Fine Print :)
I write for the average Joe. Yes, those of you, who, like me, don’t have expense accounts or per diem allowances. When I dine at a place, I don’t need 2 or even multiple visits to figure out that I don’t like the place. Only critics with major publication backing (and budget) do that.  And I’m not one. To me, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  I’ll know the first time if I like the place enough to come back. And I won’t come back if I don’t. Because I pay for my own meals, I don’t have the luxury of visiting a place numerous times just to cut the place some slack because it’s their opening week. Why should I suffer just because it’s your opening week? Besides, I’m paying full price.  When Ethnic places open, they are on point on day one. It’s not difficult to do.

When I write a review, I pretend I’m writing it for my brother or my sister or my friends and I definitely want to give them an honest review. When it’s bad, I write it as it is. When it’s good, I sing praises. I’ve read mean and hurtful reviews and that’s uncalled for. Nobody has to be nasty when it’s bad.  A chef has no use for nastiness.  It’s constructive criticism they need.

I’ve traveled the world many times. I’ve eaten at thousands of restaurants, eaten every street food I’ve encountered (27 countries and counting), and eaten at hundreds of homes countless times where ethnic homecooking is at its best. I eat where locals eat. My standard of food is not based on a single trip to a restaurant — instead, it comes from years of being exposed to many different cultures since I was born, and eating food from countries it originated from. So I’m not a critic. I’m a foodie who writes about food. And yes, I never eat left-overs!

Random Facts

  1. My name is Chloe Morris.
  2. I absolutely hate leftovers.
  3. I have a major bread addiction.
  4. I love bread so much that I’d rather eat it for dessert.
  5. With globs of pure butter, preferably Lurpak.
  6. I was born into a family of foodies.
  7. Who traveled extensively since we were small just to eat.
  8. I’ve been taking pictures of my food since I was a teenager.
  9. In fact, I have over 13,679 26,788 photos of food.  And counting.
  10. I graduated from here, here, and here.
  11. Then I decided to go back for more here.
  12. I love Korean food.
  13. And risotto.
  14. And sushi. Or sashimi.
  15. But I abhor anise and five-spice powder.  Totally.
  16. I don’t like dessert.
  17. Or ice-cream.
  18. I love fresh durian.
  19. I sneak it inside my hotel rooms in Asia all the time.
  20. So far, I haven’t been caught. *crossing fingers*
  21. I love street food.  Everywhere.
  22. I have never made restaurant reservations under my name. Ever.
  23. I have a Starbucks name.
  24. Because no one can spell my name correctly.
  25. I have a younger brother who lives in NYC.
  26. And a much younger sister here in ATL.

Email me
Chloe [at]