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The Porter: a disappointment

We were originally going for some cult burgers. But before I can even step out of my car in the parking lot, I got a text and then a call from Broderick: “It’s CLOSED!!!” I could not believe my eyes. And ears. So we ended up at The Porter in Little Five Points. One thing about this area is that it is quite difficult to find parking space. We did manage to snag one a couple of blocks away. I love cold weather but the blustery 18°F weather made it painful to walk to and back.

I remember when this place used to be Bridgetown Grill (they had those awesome pineapple bread straight out of the oven!) It has evolved a few more times but the place looks exactly the same, save for a few knickknacks as decoration. As a beer bar, they have pages and pages of all kinds of beer available. I am not a big drinker — three sips of wine or alcohol literally knocks me out (yeah, I know, I am a cheap date). But Broderick liked his Belgian and my sister loved her German. Do not ask me what they were. I can not tell you. I did find something that looked delicious in print: Hitachino. It has 12.5% alcohol content. I hate to imagine what that will do to me.

Let me just say that all the dishes that Broderick and my sister picked were fantastic. As for me, well, I must have been wearing a “Hate Me” sticker on my forehead…

The Porter (L5P)

The duck prosciutto with poached eggs and greens (sorry, not a salad fan) was really great. The duck was very tender with a saltish flavor that went well with the egg and greens.

The Porter (L5P)

The Belgian fries were outstanding. The garlic in the oil used was quite pronounced but not in an aggressive kind of way. The charred onion mayo dipping sauce was creamy and oniony. Better eat these fries while hot and crispy as they became soggy as soon as they cooled.

The Porter (L5P)

My not-so-good luck started with the mains. Broderick and I both wanted the pork chop but since he called first dibs and they only had one left (it was after 10PM after all), I had to choose something else. A clear winner, the center-cut pork chop was thick and juicy and perfectly grilled. It had a clean, simple salt and pepper flavor all the way through. The pasta and mushroom provided texture and the pan jus made it a really great dish.

The Porter (L5P)

My sister’s Kraut and Beer Brats was also good. The homemade bratwursts had a nice snap to them. They had a slight herby taste that I really liked. The sauerkraut could have used a little more acidity but it was a good accompaniment, nonetheless.

The Porter (L5P)

So just my luck, the half-pound cheeseburger that I got was a total let-down. Although cooked medium in the middle, it had a hard, dry, dark, well-done crust on the outside. It was also flavorless. Even the good, soft and buttery tomato focaccia it came in could not save this failure. (For the record, that side salad of greens and pickled beets went to my sister.)

Now for the best part… Totally disappointed and still hungry, I decided to get their banana crepe. Visions of Paris and the crepes we got there from the street and cafes at every visit played in my mind. I just knew it was going to be good. I mean, how hard is it to mess up crepes?

The Porter (L5P)

I wanted to cry so bad when it was set in front of us. What came was what looked like banana slices swimming in dark brown gooey soup. Banana soup? Did they think I would not notice that this (insert your favorite expletive here) does not even look remotely close to a crepe? I felt so offended. It was so gooey. It was sickeningly sweet. It. Was. Not. A. Crepe!!!

I hardly have disappointing meals. In fact, I can only think of one in the last couple of years. And now this. You know, to me, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Especially if it costs me $60.  I had to make a 2AM run to Krystals just to erase the memory from my mind. And mouth.

Many thanks to Savory Exposure for the pictures.

The Porter
1156 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 223-0393

The Porter on Urbanspoon

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Gordon Biersch (Buckhead)

We were next door getting fitted for dresses for my sister’s wedding and decided to have a late lunch here; not because we like it but because it was a mere few steps away and I was beyond starving. I don’t think they changed the decor all that much from when this place used to be Rock Bottom Brewery. I do like the new patio with a working fireplace.

Gordon Biersch (Buckhead)

We were given several menus. The regular one was two-foot high and 5 pages long. It would take a good 10 minutes just to read everything on it. The Oktoberfest menu, available for a limited time, was more navigable. The Festbier Combo was actually pretty good and came with an assortment of appetizers. The fries were crisp and golden with lots of garlic bits. The garlic taste might be a little overpowering to some but I love garlic and these fries had lots of them in taste and in appearance. Two skewers with grilled bratwurst, knackwurst, and Hungarian sausage also came with the combo. The sausage was excellent in flavor with the charring from the grill giving it additional smokiness. The bratwurst and knackwurst pretty much tasted identical and although they weren’t all that bad, they weren’t all that good either. I did notice a snap in every bite, however. I loved their version of pretzels. They were fat, soft, and doughy inside. A few dips into the beer mustard and you’ve got an excellent snack.

Gordon Biersch (Buckhead)

The Fresh Mozzarella pizza caught my eye so we had to get it. What a disappointment when it came out with small globs of what they call fresh mozzarella. It didn’t even taste like fresh mozzarella at all. While the crust is chewy and thick, which was okay, the pizza sauce was almost non-existent. The only taste you get is crust, bland cheese, and basil.

Gordon Biersch (Buckhead)

The Beef Short Ribs entree was huge. The ribs were fork tender but tasted blandish on its own. The mushroom jus was added at plating instead of cooking them in it. It would have been so much better if it was the other way around. The mountain of sauerkraut mashed potatoes was a good touch and tasted quite good. The braised cabbage had a good sweetish hint. A hearty meal if there ever was one.

I have been to another GB location and was never blown away by the food. GB is kinda like a last resort when it comes to choosing a place to eat. It was there, it was convenient, so we went.

Insider tip:
Plenty of parking across the way or you can use the parking deck.

The scoop:
Gordon Biersch Brewery – Buckhead
3242 Peachtree Road NE
Buckhead, Atlanta, GA 30305

Gordon Biersch Brewery on Urbanspoon

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Muss & Turner’s

Muss & Turner's

I like this gastro pub in that they serve real food. Not tapas, sides, or your typical bar food, but substantial, creative meals you find in nice restaurants. Not that this place isn’t nice. It is. I popped in for a quick lunch the other day and remembered I haven’t written about this place yet. Lunch menu consists of “designer” deli sandwiches made in their real kitchen with high-end ingredients by a real chef.

Muss & Turner's

My chosen sandwich this visit was their Insult to Philly. This huge creation came on a grilled, buttery hoagie roll then topped with slices of Wagyu (American Style Kobe) Kamado roasted beef, sautéed sweet onions, red peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and melted Swiss cheese with rosemary balsamic au jus. They said the balsamic au jus takes 60 hrs. to make! The roast beef was a little bland to me but the other ingredients made up for it. I particularly liked the sauteed onions that were sweetish and cut the monotony of the beefy taste of the sandwich. The au jus was really good that I had to ask for more. Overall a good sandwich.

Muss & Turner's

My lunch date’s Basic Beef with shaved Wagyu rare roast beef, Swiss cheese and rosemary aioli on hand country white bread was also good. Again, the beef was a little bland for my taste but the rosemary aioli was a good spread for it.

Muss & Turner's

We both got the day-old barley-leek soup with chunks of bacon. This was a fantastic soup. It was brothy more than creamy but you can still taste the creaminess in it. Superb.

Verdict: I like my sandwich meat a little tastier so when you remove the other ingredients and get it in between two pieces of bread with nothing else, it still makes for a tasty sandwich. Our total bill for lunch was a little bit over $35 (with 2 sandwiches, 2 soups, a diet Coke, a bottle of sparkling water, and 2 bags of chips). Kinda pricey for a regular lunch but bear in mind that we had Wagyu-style beef and housemade soup.

Insider tip:
The fries are a must try although there has been an instance where I’ve had them very soggy.

The scoop:

Muss & Turner’s
1675 Cumberland Pky SE
Smyrna, GA 30080
(770) 434-1114

Muss & Turners on Urbanspoon

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Update: 5 Seasons Brewing

5Seasons Brewing

The last 3 times I went to 5SB, I had the burger. Each time, I was sorely disappointed. And to think they have used to have one of the top 10 best burgers in Atlanta. Each and every time, my medium burger gets delivered well-done. Each and every time. I’ve had it taken back a couple of times and the best they could do is medium-well. Still not acceptable. The last time I went was this past Saturday. Again, I ordered medium and it came back very well-done. Dry and bland. I give up. So I’m crossing off 5SB on my best burger list. /End rant.

5Seasons Brewing    5Seasons Brewing

P.S. The Wild Mushroom Pizza and Calamari were both fabulous.

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5 Seasons Brewing

I’ve liked 5SB‘s burgers ever since I tasted it a couple of years back. Burgers to me is such a comfort food. When I was growing up, burgers were not part of our 3-square-meals diet — mom made home-cooked, elaborate meals — rather, they were considered snacks: a mid-afternoon fare to tide us over until dinner time. Our burger snacks were always of the restaurant variety so I was used to eating thick, juicy, fresh burgers. Now that I’m an adult, I eat all kinds of burgers. Even the fast-food variety. Sometimes.

For a good burger, I usually pop in to 5SB. I like that they use organic or grass-fed meat, though, honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. It sounds so healthy, in any case. I like 5SB’s perfectly-grilled burger. It’s thick and juicy and tasty. I like the golden crispy fries. It’s a perfect accompaniment to a perfect burger. With a soft bun, crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, and a slice of pickles, it makes for an amazing meal. Or snack.


Another favorite is the Fried French Chicken. It’s not your typical Southern crispy fried chicken. Theirs is baked then lightly fried just enough to make the skin brown. Served on a bed of thinly, grated steamed squash and some smashed potatoes, then drizzled with milky gravy, it is a fantastic meal. The chicken is well seasoned, tender, and juicy. The squash gives a sweetish complement to the saltiness of the gravy while the smashed potatoes just goes with the entire entree.

Fried Chicken

For beer enthusiasts, 5SB is the place for you; with a vast selection of world-class home brews, there’s surely one (or two) that will keep you coming back. 5SB is a good gathering place to have great food and great beer.

Insider tip:

Their caffeine-free rootbeer is delicious!
Third location near Howell Mill opening soon.

The scoop:
5 Seasons Brewing

The Prado:
5600 Roswell Rd., Sandy Springs

3655 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30005

5 Seasons North on Urbanspoon

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